If you’re like me, the idea of finding a non-toxic deodorant is a must. As soon as I realized what was going on with my deodorant and the ties to health issues ( I need these breasts working properly people!) I went and found the perfect deodorant, sans-toxins. It worked great!…for a couple days, until I realized that if I actually sweat, it wasn’t working so hot. Before my switch I thought I just always smelled amazing! I don’t sweat much in general and I assumed that was why I could put on deodorant, dance, workout and still smell great – turns out my unhealthy deodorant, especially the anti-antiperspirant aspect, was helping me more than I realized.

Crystal is still my favorite back-up deodorant, but after a year of trial and smelly error, I have finally found THE ONE. THE ONE I don’t have to reapply every couple hours, THE ONE that doesn’t suddenly turn sour after seeming so sweet. THE ONE that I could without a doubt say, is an athletes deodorant. Not only does it keep me smelling fresh all day teaching, but it gets me through the night if I didn’t have time to shower! (Don’t worry, I do usually shower regularly but to have the time…let’s be honest, who does?!) I can hardly even contain how excited I get about how great it smells.. even if I only applied it the morning before! What?! It’s a weird thing to be so excited about I know, but if you have tried as long as I have to find the one that works, I’ll bet you’ll be just as excited too. Schmidt’s deodorant has all the things you need, and keeps out all the things you don’t. Every scent of theirs is my new favorite, Rose + Vanilla, Bergamont Lime, and the one pictured above, Geranium.  Now, we all react differently to different deodorants but I have a large amount of faith that this one just plain works. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant yet, or about your experience with trial and (hopefully not-so) smelly error 🙂