When my baby girl was born, seven years ago, I didn’t know nearly as much as I do now, but on a gut instinct I just knew that I didn’t want Huggies on her fresh little bottom. I went with Seventh Generation, as it was really one of the only brands I knew of at the time that sounded like it cared about what went on my baby’s little bum. I loved them, and used them until she (finally) outgrew diapers and pull-ups altogether. There were some leaks and blowouts here and there but all-in-all no complaints here, except perhaps the price tag and boring brown design. This time around, I had heard of several brands to check out that all seemed to care about baby bottoms, and staying toxin free in general. Parasol Co. was the first brand I had heard of and I had a discount code from a friend all lined up when I was only a few months pregnant. I decided they were perfect! Until I went to checkout the first time and saw the price…ouch… but, anything for the health of my family. It did convince me however to poke around a bit and after a few days of searching, for me, it came down to Honest Co Vs. Parasol Co. Here’s how it went for me:


I got a trial offer from Honest Co. in the newborn size and one from Parasol Co.  I also subscribed for the first month of diapers and wipes from Parasol Co. since most reviews I read seemed to lead towards them, saying that Honest Co. diapers leaked and in general just didn’t hold up the way Parasol Co diapers did. A month or so later, Diapers came, baby came and all was good, well wonderful really 🙂 I tried both diapers and the reviews seemed to fit, the Honest Co. diapers leaked a few times and, mind made-up, I cancelled my subscription with them and went with the Parasol Co. diapers and wipes bundle. We had a couple more leaks than desirable with Parasol Co. but deemed it inevitable. Another month later and I received a promotional email from Honest Co. offering half price on a bundle and free shipping. Being in Alaska, free shipping is kind of a big deal, so I decided some cheap diapers for a month were worth a few leaks. When that bundle arrived everything changed and here is why:

-Things I loved about Honest Co. that Parasol Co. just didn’t have-

First of all they were just so cute! I love having all of the different patterns and getting to choose my favorites! I get so excited to refill the diaper basket because I can’t wait to put him in a cute new print. Being excited about refilling a diaper basket is a huge plus in my eyes, not too mention anything that makes a baby even cuter? It sure helps with the 2 am.. and 4 am, and 6 am wake up calls. 😉

But most importantly – they didn’t leak. At all. Not even once. Ok well maybe once or twice 😉 but almost never! My boy was born a healthy, chunky man and perhaps those initial newborn ones had simply been inadequate for his intake and well.. output 🙂 I was very happy with this, being covered in milk and spit up all night is hard enough without extras added to the mix.

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I logged on to look at my next order and as I tried to really decide (again) between Parasol Co. and Honest Co., I noticed some serious extra perks. I realized I was able to choose how many packs of each size diaper we got. This was so relieving since I still had about 3 packs of very expensive Parasol Co. diapers baby had grown out of. Now I could order half in his current size and half in the next size up.  Honest Co. also offers a night time diaper (in an adorable print of course) that you can choose to replace a pack in, or add on to, your order. I found this out just when baby was starting to need less changes during the night, meaning he needed more protection.

Baby wears Honest Co. Diapers every day and I almost never see a leak. He had one the other morning and I was honestly (ha!) surprised because it had been months since the last one! Even on the nights when I’m not the best parent and he is in that diaper for 12 or even 13 hours, as he had been that night, (Hey, a momma’s gotta sleep sometime!) he wakes up happy, with a very full, but NOT LEAKING diaper. Leaking diapers can really put a damper on a sunny morning, let alone a cloudy one, and despite all of the negative reviews I read, that is something we practically never deal with around here.

Honest Co. – I’m Sold! I love picking out my patterns for the next month and on top of that if I run out of soap for the bathroom, or my daughter sweetly asks for some new bubble bath soap, or any other myriad of little things a family tends to need runs out, I can just throw it onto my next order (with a discount!) and in it comes with the next adorable blue box of diapers!

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